Agricultural Production Systems in Sudan

  • Ibrahim Musa Osman Selcuk University
  • Ramazan ACAR
  • Eltayeb Suleiman Nile BABİKER
  • Mithat DİREK
Keywords: Constraint, Crop yield, Farming system, Irrigated system, Rain-fed


Agriculture is one of the strategic elements of any developed or developing country. It's fundamentally related to political and social stability. Sudan is characterized as an agricultural country that has all the extended factors of that. Agriculture and cultivating-related activities are carried out in many different patterns which are adopted and practiced in Sudan. Agricultural production in Sudan is generally practiced through three systems: small-scale farming using a traditional rain-fed system, mechanized rain-fed systems, and irrigated farming systems. Each system produces specific crops and is located in appropriate regions with varying levels of mechanization in the production areas. Manually carried tools and animal power dominate in the traditional rain-fed system. Mechanical energy and sophisticated tools are commonly used in irrigated and mechanized rain-fed systems. Different crops are grown in Sudan regarding of farming system. Here we are presenting the common agricultural practices systems in Sudan, which help those who are unfamiliar and/or interested in this country to get closer by knowing the cropping systems in Sudan.


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