Spanish Consumers' Commitment Towards Sustainable Food Consumption

  • Olda LAMİ Universidad de Extremadura
  • Handan GİRAY
  • Francisco MESİAS University of Extremadura
  • Federico MARTİNEZ-CARRASCO Universidad de Murcia
Keywords: sustainability, food, consumer segments, Spain


This research analyzes the level of commitment with sustainability of Spanish consumers, and their perception and preferences toward more sustainable food, production systems, and consumption practices. Based on the analysis of a survey of 324 consumers in the regions of Extremadura and Region of Murcia, the perception of citizens on the sustainability of their consumption and different production systems is analyzed, paying special attention to their opinions towards more sustainable vegetable and meat production practices. Findings show that almost all consumers are highly sensitive to the impact of their consumption on the environment. Although this perception does not translate into the purchase of sustainable foods for an important segment of the population, it does translate into their efforts to participate in recycling, waste reduction, or in changes in their consumption habits related to health. The bivariate and cluster analyses carried out have identified the existence of an important segment of citizens with high levels of environmental sensitivity, which translates into sustainable consumption practices and a preference for the purchase of Sustainable Food (SF), with high importance granted when purchasing to its impact on the environment.


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